Sheetal’s chic European taste is a result of being born and raised in North East London. The use of bold, rich colors is an influence taken from her Indian heritage.  Her rich, luxury taste is a reflection of briefly living in Bahrain, Middle East.  G.I.A. Luxe is centered around Sheetal’s eight year old daughter Gia (or in Sheetal’s world, “sassy pants”). She is not only an inspiration, but also a source of motivation.  Sheetal remembers playing at home with Gia and it suddenly occurred to Sheetal that Gia’s name makes a statement: Gorgeous, Intelligent, and Ambitious were the perfect words to describe Gia and the G.I.A. Luxe woman.


International Chic with a Touch of Sass.


If Sheetal said she grew up sewing clothes for her dolls as well as herself, she would be lying.  As a little girl, she had no clue what she wanted to be.  Similar to Diane Von Furstenberg, who had no idea what she wanted to be; however, knew what woman she wanted to be.  Sheetal remembers the days of growing up in North East London and watching The Clothes Show every week with her mother.  At a young age, she already knew what type of woman she wanted to be: stylish and sassy with a pinch of sexiness and who dared to be unique for her own sense of style.